A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

The sites lay out


Webmasters words page is simply the opening of the book of opinion and links and facts.

The web site was laid out in three layers because one can not be supported with out the other two nor can it be fixed with out fixing all three different forms of agency.





Law suits against DCFS in any state:
The biggest reason for their lack of funds is due to the over whelming law suits they are paying out.  The reason you do not hear about them is (the confidentiality clause) 
1-they settle out of court on 90% of the settlements.
2- the stipulation of the settlement is the clause above, you must sign an agreement not to publicize the lawsuit or how much or where.


Share this 35-minute video with others. See how the government invades your parental rights. It will blow your


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James TwoEagles When you harm a child you have already violated Gods-Law!!! Meaning that the judicial system,s laws no longer apply or matter! And it has become the responsibility of the citizens of this Nation to punish this foster home and every other foster home for the cry,s and pain of the children unless the Government has brought out more coward then man& woman with in your selves!!!!!!!!!!1
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A little about this site and why


This web site was created to bring the awareness of so many young lives being killed by a,

 (Governmental Department Mistake) Created by the United States Government that is so out of control with so much power that (owns) this Country's Judicial system.  It tells judges what they will and will not do in case's.     (money speaks)

 Has you read each page, you will find that this site is very intense and very scary but this is what i was asked to create, to put the ugly and painful reality of truth with substantiated facts, Allegations and opinion,s with legal documented evidence on your dinner plates in order to gain full support of the family homes in this great Country.  You will see and read and watch videos, there will be many links to articles.

 But has well as to show people that the manipulation of the law is in-tacked, CPS has had legislators remove as much of your basic rights that the constitution guarantees you as a citizen of the united states.   They have had the right to a jury removed up to a (hidden) point.  They have had your right to full representation dismantled by only offering attorneys in legal aid who do not have the full knowledge of the law and Cps has made it so that the funding to legal aid is very limited so they can not (Represent) (fight) for their clients has needed.

 The law reads that physical abuse is illegal, It is a crime.  Then why is CPS/DCFS allowed to place a child in this kind of environment?  The law reads murder is illegal, then why is CPS/DCFS allowed to put a child in this dangerous environment?    Congressional speakers and lawmakers and State legislation has given CPS the right to murder and kill simply by given them, (Full Immunity of any crimes) that the laws declare crimes. 

It is in the best interest of the citizen's (Parental Homes) in this net-workers opinion, that the judicial system as a whole in this country needs to be dismantled completely and a new legal-infrastructure-established.

It is in the best interest of the citizen's (Parental Homes) in this net-workers opinion that this government be dismantle completely and a new Government infrastructure                        re-established that is run by the people,                           Not corporations such has CPS

 And while in this transition move, the active case workers responsible for deaths and with assaulted beatings should be tried for physical abuse and murder and their superiors along with judges and (any) City, County, or State police officers involved in false reports such as one Eureka Springs,Ar officer.

 We are a very fast growing movement with a four stage plan to correct this evil that has been (forced fed) to us and our young. and in the basic since here they will comply or there will be no tax dollars to function with or on and they will begin to close doors.

We are fighting for lives here and for the safety of all young! 


  DISCLAIMER:                                                        I am not an attorney, and I cannot give legal advice.   I can,  however,  chat with my friends and share what I have learned and my experiences.   I don’t believe people should charge for helping those involved in fighting corruption.