A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

United States, Puppets for the United Nations in my oppinion!


30,000 babies since 2002!    now,  why?    The United Nations has  a "Human Rights Page" and talks about Human Rights,  and the rights that are stated and it's value's are not based on valued-beliefs  and if so,  then how  can  they ignore the serious abuse done by a agency  in the United States and not speak out  publicly and  retaliate this abuse and murder that is allowed and ignored to children in this  country?



 This Government has given total immunity to every cps worker and up the ladder to commit any crime knowingly!   Assault, rape,  physical brutal abuse,  and Murder  in some case,s.


Not to burst your bubble!

Sunday, November 13, 2011 9:05 AM
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But one of the biggest acts of inhumane treatment that you (The UN) claim, to not except, are killing children by the thousands every year, dhs/dcfs why have you allowed this?
Go look at some very graphic photos and then you people explain to the citizens of the United States, (If you can)

Love To All Of Life.
Honor To All Of Life.
Peace For All Of Life.
Prayers For All Of Life.             
                                      James Two Eagles
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"JAMES TWO EAGLES" <jamestwoeagles@yahoo.com>
The biggest problem right now in America is dhs/dcfs!
because they chose to take my babies illegally, i created my first and personal web site and was threaten with jail and more, eurekasprings-ar.org
Since then, i was asked to create a national web site to put the truth and the ugly on peoples dinner plates, we are still in this fight moving from court level to court level until we win but until then i have gained 319,000 involved and this site is a continued add further information and awareness,

 Interview with the Children's Administration CPS with the backing of the United Nations!