A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

Ozark Guidance Center, Inc. and Ozark Guidance Center Foundation, Inc. are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations.  All contributions are tax-deductible.

Yet they charge a $100 a session even if it is a court order which is how they are legally able to charge many people!

They do not ask you for a donation, they bill you monthly with a statement.  Does the Federal Government know they charge?

(Allegedly) their two biggest clientele are

the Department of children and family services and court room DUI's !

 (Allegedly) They average 17-million a year From DCFS in Arkansas!


Another important factor is that DCFS has an established mental health non-profit facility in every State which like Ozark Guidance is committing medical-fraud (Allegedly)


Medicaid and medicare are both Government medical funding not a donation to each State, there forth, these non-profits are defrauding the Government on basic medical-funding!

   But here is how DCFS got around this problem and Ozark guidance center and every other Non-profit mental center!


Many court ordered mental task were denied by medicaid, so medicaid simply told CPS/DCFS how to work around this factor!!

The parent or child was given a doctors (order) to take a script and or examanation!! Which legally allows medicaid to except the bill!!   So thats why most parents who are in the system in my oppinion has children with many medications and several phyiscal-issues and mental issues!!  Ozark guidance gets rich, the people working for them has a nice life style, DCFS gets to defraud the family courts also in my oppinion!!!

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 They have learned how to game the system and the teachers,(Allegedly) were DCFS


Annual Report,

Shawn is supposedly one of the mental health fixed characters on this page but read the fine print, this man does not exist, never did, only the story in its, media advertising!!


Look up the Ozark Guidance Center web site



Our Mission

Saving and changing lives by providing compassionate, quality mental health services.

In my opinion, they do, working with DCFS in defrauding Medicaid/medicare, it,s a money making business. 

(And again, in my opinion)  They write opinionated "only" diagnoses and testify in court for DCFS and in return they are paid well for their services.

Our Vision

Leading the way in meeting the mental health needs for all people of Northwest Arkansas.

 Our Values



Watch what (Jan Smith) explains in her video, pay very close attention below!

Jan Smith,  I am a former chemical dependency counselor and did this video to help people know how to defend themselves against CPS evaluations.  Child Protective Services and Psychological Evaluations




Nearly 13,000 children in 19 states were surrendered by their parents in 2001 to get the mental health treatment the parents could not afford.

The reality of this statement is nearly 13,000 were taken and forced by the court or by DCFS when parents in these 19 States had their parental rights terminated by DCFS through corrupt judges along with the help of these mental establishments (Allegedly)


2.5 million Americans have bipolar disorder... but the actual number may be 2-3 times higher because as many as 80% of people with this illness go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years. ( Fact)  once again listen to the video above by           (jan smith)