A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

To many deaths of babies in this Country do to CPS.     DCFS-DHHS is only excused and excepted by the family courts and the Government of the United states.                  


Our Government of this United States and the judicial System both have declared them selves and their infrastructure Above (GOD) and his laws!   They have dismantled old beliefs of the word in schools followed by dismantlement of allegiance pledged in the same schools which was a strong request of the United Nations.  The United nations is another power that is trying to get legislation in our country to pass a law, and if passed, you has a parent will have no rights to your children!   No say about your children!

 With this forced infringement on the citizens and families in this country only suggest one thing!  (In my opinion) it needs to go away and we need to restructure from the beginning! 

Number of cases per 100,000 of children in the united States.  These numbers come from the National center of child abuse and neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.    Since 2002, 30,000 children have died from child abuse, suicide or homicide in the United States, compared with about 5,000 American troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. But more attention has been paid to the troops dying" - By Michael Petit, president of Every Child Matters Education Fund.  

 Perpetrators of Maltreatment

While In
Custody of:
 1-The only way to stop this cancer is to put these case workers personal information on the net and make them public from every state. and then and only then will they stop with their false hot-line calls and false reports and breaking of the laws and their perjury in the courts.


  2-A net-working team is put together to schedule speaking engagements, Banners for billboards on private land with highway access for travlers to see with this web site link, Rallies in every city and state to educate the parents on a personal, face to face leavel of this nation.   To show them old and active cases from every state, the constitutional rights and the civil rights broken by every family court in this country and also pictures with news articles of the deaths of so many babies while in the custody of DCFS.

 3-While we are there in these different city's, we will also watch for the speaking engagements of governors, Senators, Congressmen and publicly ask them to explain these deaths in their states has well as the illegal seizure of kids from their homes and asked them why they have looked the other way, Who's paying them off ? Other words, publicly question there ethics and honor and put their credibility on the line, put their future in jeopardy.

4-The end result is with in one year we should have enough angry parents in this country behind us to support and to do a 30 to 60 day strike which will consist of stay home and not work nor drive. Which is 79% of this nations population. 

No work-No Taxes!     No taxes-No money!  for the federal Government and it's agencies.                                                 They will close doors and DCFS will be forced to close their doors for good.          You want your Country back ?                        and the Mafia of DCFS and the Family courts stopped ?        

 Then you must take away their power!  (which is money)             Two other Countrys in the winter of 2011 has done this and they regained full control of their Government and the new laws along with a few old laws that were (imposed) on their civil rights removed.      

(Remember)            "We The People" 

And this web site will probley get me murdered just like Senator Nancy Schaefer.