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Revoke the fine and sentencing of honors student Diane Tran


I just signed the following petition addressed to:
Judge Lanny Moriarty of Montgomery County.
300 S. Danville St
Willis, TX 77378
(936) 539-7801

Honor Student Jailed for Missing School: Ask the judge to cancel her fine and sentencing

Diane Tran has a lot on her plate for a 17-year-old. After Diane's parents moved away, Diane stayed behind and started working two jobs to provide for her family -- all while taking college-level classes at her high school.


 when Diane recently missed school due to exhaustion, she was charged with a crime and sentenced to pay a $100 fine and spend a night in jail. d to make an example of her. "If you let one of them run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of them?" Judge Moriarty told reporters. "A little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence."

Samuel Oh thinks working hard to provide for your family should not be cause for criminal punishment -- so Samuel started a petition on Change.org asking Judge Moriarty to revoke the charges against Diane. Click here to add your name.

"Somehow Diane is not just an extraordinary worker and student, she's an extraordinary human being with a fighting spirit," Samuel says. "The institutions that are supposed to provide resources to youth and ensure justice are punishing her instead."

There is some good news: when a reporter recently asked Judge Moriarty if anything could be done to get him to revoke Diane's charges, he replied, "Yeah, it probably could."

Samuel believes that if thousands of people sign his petition, Judge Moriarty will take this opportunity to do the right thing and revoke Diane's charges.

Click here to sign Samuel's petition asking Judge Moriarty to revoke the charges against Diane Tran, an honors student who had to spend the night in jail for missing school.



CPS in Carolina.


This is from Roxanne Grinage,

 This is a phone call recording to roxx from a parent who has a three year old daughter that has been abused by a DCFS case worker, listen to this call and then the phone enterview.  here is some truth for this Nations parents!   http://hirelyrics.org/washingtonfamiliesnewcivilrightsheroes.html

A child Kidnaped by a Maryland Medical Nurse Practitioner.                "Susan Elizabeth McVey"


 Allegations state that, Susan Elizabeth McVey has a history of this with a few parents of a young age and in my (Opinion) this explains why her acquired lifestyle is as great has it is.  An excessive comfort in her life at the cost of families. 

                             "Read the story as it unvails" 


Shannon had surgeries to recover from and her Nurse Practitioner that was providing medical care to her coaxed her into signing over temporary Guardianship paperwork to provide care for Shannon's daughter, Alivia Marie Hanson while Shannon recovered. After Shannon's recovery, Shannon asked for Alivia back, and her Temporary Guardian,  Susan Elizabeth McVey aka Elizabeth Bardwell Mcvey (also on Fac...ebook) Susan would not give her back. Susan had prescribed Shannon a multitude of medications that would have killed her had she taken the medications. Alivia was initially listed as a missing child with NCMEC, but her whereabouts have been confirmed and she is in the care of Susan McVey at this time. Law enforcement would not assist Shannon into retrieving Alivia back out of the custody of Susan McVey. Since LE would not act, and we could not get the FBI involved in this case without LE's request, and MP cannot investigate because the family does not live on a military base (this is a Navy family), revocation had to be filed in the courts in Frederick, Maryland. Shannon will soon go to court and the trial will be October 3, 4, and 5th in Frederick, Maryland (Frederick County). Shannon and her attorney will prove in court that Susan McVey has kidnapped her daughter, Alivia Marie Hanson (age 2 now). Susan McVey is also trying to Illegally Adopt Alivia as well as her brother, Joseph (age 4), although Joseph is still in Shannon's care and has not been in Susan's care during this time. I am putting this page up in support for this family and to seek criminal charges in this case toward Susan Elizabeth McVey for the Kidnapping of Alivia Marie Hanson as well as any other charges that may apply

Michigan CPS Investigation by Congressman Clarke

CALL THEY ARE RETURNING CALLS! THEY ARE LISTENING TO US! CALL THE CONGRESSMAN NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOUR CASE IS IN! WXYZ's investigation into Michigan CPS has now spurred Congressman Hansen Clarke to have the Department of Justice investigate Michigan CPS. We ask that victims of cps and the family courts regardless of what state you are in, because this is nationwide, contact Congressman Clarke Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: (313) 962-7700 Fax: (313) 962-7710 Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2261 Fax: (202) 225-5730. Contact him and tell him your story. SOMEONE POSTED THAT THEY ARE RETURNING YOUR CALLS!

miparentalrights@gmail.com E-mail Address
616-848-0664 MPR Hotline

Carroll County,Arkansas Case,s

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