A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

Century 21 Woodland Real Estate

  170 West Vanburen, Eureka Springs,Ar    


To show what a corporate company such as this choose,s to employee such a person as Pam Grudek  to Represent their image as a lead sales-rep!

Pam Grudek, Casa worker for Carroll County,Ar

Look at the devastation below that this lady has caused one family and look where she left helpless children knowingly that there was abuse in two separate foster homes!  One (Richard & Mark Mudd of Clifty ,Ar)  and it took the case worker running into the home after Taylor Christian and a call to the Arkansas State Police hotline.   The second, took a Arkansas State police investigation to warn Kevin and Romona Bailey to stop with the abuse!

Pamela Grudek
Executive Broker at Century 21 Woodland Real Estate

Truth that Pam Grudek can not hide from, nor can Century 21!!

The attachments are, the officer,s (Randal Keele,s) arrest report-(Eureka Springs) court dismissal and the Arkansas state police report (the interview) with Ana and Hopi separately.    

Taylor Christian wore a video/camera around his neck at all times, listen to the conversations of the foster parents and Taylor Christian !  (Richard&Mark Mudd) The home where the Original case worker (Ruthann Murphy) along with Pam grudek  the casa worker left him.

The twins and our three year son was left at Kevin & Ramona bailey,s of Green Forest,Ar where they were abused and we have a copy of the Arkansas abuse investigators report below that shows this.  Our baby boy (2 1/2 yrs old came home five weekends in a row with black eyes that the new case worker (Sandi Craig) informed us he feel off the bed, his sister Ana told us that the foster mother (Ramona Bailey) did this, We also called Governor Mike Bebee and he stated it was not his department or problem!










Next i will put the audios that taylor had saved, the links will not play from this web site but you can copy them and play them on your windows media player.

 And this casa worker did nothing more then copy her reports, word for word from the case workers reports.