A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

This is used often on people in this Country!


This a software that the FBI and other Federal law enforcement use,s on its citizens and do so to go into your computer and copy illegally personal info to use on you in any court or to seek a warrent.                                 

(A violation of Constitutional laws and rights)

They also use it to match and compare email writings that are sent to others or different server postings.  They can also go into your web sites with this tool to search and look over your statements made on your tabs/pages (again) for evidence to seek a warrent.

   ( A violation of Constitutional laws and rights)

It can also be used to leave a worm in your computer or a mail client server that fuctions with tag-line info such has      DCFS or Foster system or Foster Sheltrs.   Then when you access certain groups like facebook, my space, tribe.net and so on it is impossible for you to function.   Your computer will frezz up.  It keeps the page link re-rotating and the page at that point, locks up on you.          (So Be Aware)