A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

alagations about  (Governor Mike Beebe) and                              (State attorney general Dustin McDaniel)

This is the present Arkansas Governor, (Mike Beebe)Governor Mike Beebe

This is the present Arkansas State Attorney, (
Dustin McDaniel) 

This is the present Arkansas Supreme court,

(From Left to Right: Associate Justice Karen Baker; Associate Justice Jim Gunter; Associate Justice Donald L. Corbin; Chief Justice Jim Hannah; Associate Justice Robert L. Brown; Associate Justice Paul E. Danielson; Associate Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson)

Arkansas Supreme Court Justices

When the defendents (Christian/Holderfield) verse,s  (Arkansas department of human services) filed their case in the Arkansas Supreme court, The Chief Justice Jim Hannah allegedly had two phone conversations followed by two letters from, 1-Arkansas Governor (Mike Beebe) and 2-Arkansas State Attorney general (Dustin McDaniel)

Allegedly both stressed the seriousness of the biggest law-suite in the history of Arkansas since the (Angela r.) case and asked that the (christian/Holderfield) case not be heard, that the over whelming evidence that was entered for the Supreme court to see would prove perjury of the acting attorney for the department of human services (
Tabitha MCnulty)

Arkansas Bar No 2005153 and raise a very serious question of why the lower court in Carroll County,Ar refused to allow this important evidence to be entered, and that the resulting law suite could devastate Arkansas,s federal funding for highways and education! That this would be the least of the States devastation financially.



The three basic reasons Arkansas gave for terminating our rights

1-The first reason was,  that our kids were in                            (foster care to long) In 2006, our case worker at the time(julie kishyomah) had my wife do a urine test for pot, she calimed the test read postive for meths then she threw the cup and test in our garbage. 

In a conversation with her Suprvisor at the time (Dana Byrd) had confided in me and to her area Suprvisor at the same time in conference that the results was (not) sent to the lab and when she (Dana Byrd) requested a copy of the test results, the lab cliamed that there was (No) test results. 

Further (Dana Byrd) of the Carroll County,AR DCFS Suprvisor informed me that they knew that julie kishyomah had lied  as well,  Even to her (Dana Byrd) about cases and had been caught in this manner.   

They had no record of any test results from a lab about my wife!   They had no record of that home  visit!  Why Didn't Judge Kent Crow of the Carroll County,Arkansas Family court ask for a copy of the lab test direct from the lab?  They keep copies, (Its the Law)

2-The second reason was, In 2009 and (our new) Carroll County,Arkansas DCFs Case worker and her new suprvisor used (dealy tactiics) and kept (stone walling) us on court orders.

3-The third reason was, claming (false hot line calls) imediately after what the judge stated in court, That he wanted to hear about anything that effects the childrens behavior, which i will add that transcript very shortly.   After that Hearing, there was all of a sudden hot line calls, and facts not presented as they were by Sandra Craig.  Sandra Craig was a correctional officer for, Missouri,  The (allegation) is that she was asked to quit for having forced sexual relations with inmates.

look at this below,

This just happened in South Carolina, but it could easily happen in any state:
THIS IS HUGE!!! The South Carolina Supreme Court has handed down a decision that REVERSES a family court ruling to terminate parental rights in this case. The VERY important part is the reason they did it. If DSS is stonewalling you, using delay tactics, and then saying you can''t get your kids back because they have been in foster care too long READ THIS! PRINT THIS! SHOW IT TO YOUR LAWYER!
SC Judicial Department
Frampton Durban, Jr, Chief Counsel Charleston County Department of Social
And to add to the factor of corruption, our casa worker of eureka springs,ar of century 21, Pam Grudek, resigned from casa in the court room and walked out when the judge gave us extended time to fulfill his court orders, we fulfilled his court orders, pam grudek was in the court with her arms crossed at the last hearing and the judge terminated our rights.  Pam grudek,allegedly funded most of the judges first campagian of 2008.
 (conflict of enterest)  So, (in my oppinion) she used that as a weapon and a threat that if he did not terminate our rights that his credibility and his  future might be in jepordy? and she only came back into a, (closed hearing) to make sure he followed through. 
We were also refused the right to take the stand and refute all charges by judge Alan eply.
judge Alan Epley put the Adjudication into Abeyance (which kept us from appealing anything) until the criminal matter was settled, which took three years because.
1-Eureka springs,Ar Police Chief (Earl Hyatt) with held evidence,                                                      (obstruction of justice) 
2-Carroll County,Arkansas Prosecutor
(Tony Rogers) waited three years to Imform the court of (NO witness,s or Evidence)
(obstruction of justice)
Conspiracy to commit (Fraud upon the court) (Perjury upon the court) with false information,
Mess-leading information. to obtain a warrant and violated every civil right in the legal-system. 

The Carroll County Casa worker "Pamala grudek"              Grudeks made donations to the Gerald kent Crow Campaign for Carroll County Circuit Court 2008.            (conflict of entrest)


From: james two eagles <jamestwoeagles@yahoo.com>
Subject: the reality we see and feel
To: roxanne@arjustice.com, info@ark.org, gtsegers@yahoo.com, nancy.schaefer@nancyschaefer.com, news@4029tv.com, jbrocklesby@hearst.com, Cecile.Blucker@arkansas.gov, riversingingontherocks@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, December 21, 2009, 5:04 PM

I have sent you many letters in regards to our situation of criminal acts by a local police officer, A cps worker, A casa worker.
obviously sir you either a-do not care or b- are not getting the emails.
Id like to know how one of your agency's is allowed to take kids with out legal do-process
With out charges proving and not dismissed. "ours were dismissed three years later to the date filled" when the state statue was up for a law suite. (two more years for a federal court).
When we have asked for the legal proof of why they took and kept them they seem to not have no proof of why,  Other then they need the federal allotments because the stimulus money ran out. "Please can you explain sir?".  You are head of Arkansas.
In a court transcript now by the words of the prosecutor that the meeting with Dana Byrd
the last dcfs supervisor that "Julie m kishiyama" dcfs-license-922385321 had
1-broken the law
2-broken three court orders
3-didn't follow protocol
and was fired from Carroll county.  but they rehired her in Madison county.?
while my wife was incarcerated and had to set threw a few hearings in closed dhhs hearings while waiting for ours to come up she heard repeatedly the dhhs attorney
"ROBERT DEEPER" case after case  pushing for termination of rights on every case
she witnessed.
The casa worker Pam grudec has entered a false court report on all levels.
once again sir show me the legal following of the law here if you would please.
To Begin with she starts out with-
1-FALSE==REBBECCA CHRISTIAN kids were found in the street,
1-TRUTH==she leaves out charges dismissed.
2-TRUTH==She states that she has not seen a license or progress.
2-TRUTH LEFT-OUT==We have invited Pam on numerous occasions to our home,
She has failed to come over and see our progress, "we moved there four months ago.
Still waiting  on PAM GRUDEC to show. by law one visit a month.
the mu dd foster home there were pictures of Taylor gray the oldest child, of his left side totally black and blue with severe bruises.  Pam's only answer was unfortunately we can not do nothing until one of them is killed.
But they can come in my home and keep them with proof of nothing?
Governor how is this legal?, I'm asking sir.
I propose sir a polygraph test requested by you and the courts with all party's present so there is no manipulation of the test results based on the history of the Arkansas courts,HHS,case-workers,police,casa.
Ruth Ann Murphy-casa worker
Jan Sargent--------case worker
Julie kishiyama--case worker==in Madison county
meta-transport supervisor for Carroll county
bill----transport driver for Carroll county
Dana Byrd retired Carroll county supervisor
Pam grudec-casa worker for Carroll county
Randal keele-eureka springs police officer-fired
Dr bell nurse at the Washington regional clinic
and our selves.
We have a list of questions for each of these people.
A new polygraph tester has been out for two years sir.
It is a 100 % and excepted in most states now.
Now sir i challenge your honesty and your integrity.
Your honor has a man responsible for a state and it's people.
We live at 1-Washington  #-1, eureka springs,ar and we welcome you to come meet us.
We challenge your ethics to seek the truth.
I am making coppies of this email to put out threw town.


Arkansas Department Human Services Little Rock Cuts Funding to Child Abuse Prevention

 Arkansas Department Human Services

Little Rock Cuts Funding to Child Abuse Prevention

Lukes Dad's picture
on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 17:14

UPDATE DHS to cut funding to child abuse prevention programs



A family member holds an undated snapshot of two-year-old Kamilah Russell, left, and her 6-month-old sister Tania, Wednesday, March 10, 2010 in Oakland, Calif. Police say that Kamilah's mother has been charged in the smothering death of the toddler. (D. Ross Cameron/Staff File)

In April 2011, state auditors descended on Alameda County's Child and Family Services for the first round in a five-month review of documents involving children under the agency's care.

Alameda County officials said they were told the audit was routine. Instead, the state auditors criticized the agency for not formally reviewing the cases of four children who had died between 2008 and 2010 under its supervision.

The audit was requested by state Assemblyman Henry Perea, D-Fresno, after the death of a 10-year-old boy in his district. The boy was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend despite numerous reports to protective services of abuse leading up to the boy's death.

In Alameda County, auditors singled out one case in particular involving Tiffany Lopez, a mother who was on bail after San Mateo County authorities arrested her on child-endangerment charges. She and her partner had moved with their children to Oakland, where a social worker closed an emotional abuse case involving the family despite misgivings. Less than a week later, Lopez was arrested on suspicion of suffocating her 2-year-old daughter, Kamilah Russell.

"Our review suggests that the agency could learn from these deaths," auditors said in the report released in October.

Perea said he wanted to identify policies and procedures that could be improved to protect children.

"California's children are slipping through the cracks," Perea wrote to the
audit committee in a February 2011 letter.

For the audit, the committee chose Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento and Alameda counties, based on their sizes.

According to the auditors, only Alameda County failed to conduct formal internal reviews into the deaths of each of the four children who had contact with social workers between 2008 and 2010 and later died from neglect or abuse. Fresno County formally reviewed four out of five incidents and Sacramento County nine out of 15 cases. Los Angeles refused to hand over records, delaying that audit's release until February 2012.

If Alameda County had formally reviewed Kamilah Russell's death, social workers could have been trained to handle the referral of other cases like it, the auditors said in the report. If the review showed a systemic problem, policies could be changed, auditors continued.

Michelle Love, director of Alameda County Children and Family Services, defended the agency. She said information was lost between the two counties and the audit report is missing details that would help explain what happened.

"It was a fluke," she said.

But the death of Kamilah Russell was not an isolated incident.

Records show that in 2003 the mother of a 3-year-old beaten to death by his father filed a lawsuit against child protective services and Oakland police for not reacting swiftly to signs that her son was in peril. The boy's stepmother, who stood by while Chazarus Hill Jr. was beaten, had already lost custody of her own four children.

In 2005, a schizophrenic woman, LaShuan Harris, threw her three children off a San Francisco fishing pier into the bay. Child protective services said at the time mental illness was not grounds for removing children from their parents. But Harris had been placed in the county's locked inpatient psychiatric hospital six times in less than a year, including once on an involuntary hold for cocaine and methamphetamine use. Harris' mother warned a social worker that the children were in danger on the day they died, but the social worker did not believe her, Harris' attorney told a jury during the trial.

The county also agreed to pay $2 million in 2009 to settle a lawsuit brought on behalf an infant who was left blind and brain-damaged from ongoing abuse by his father. Social workers had cleared the father to take custody of the infant despite a record of abuse and drug use, according to court documents. During a criminal-background check, they overlooked the father's record of domestic violence against the infant's mother. The couple had a long history of child abuse and neglect referrals made to the agency, court documents show. But the social workers assigned to the family failed to supervise the father or the well-being of the boy, according to the court records.

As of Dec. 29, 2011, a total of 2,212 children were under the agency's supervision, whether at home or in foster care.

Love said the agency already looks into cases in which children died while under agency supervision and that a formal internal review is not required by state law. But protective services is responding to the audit by creating a formal review process and will review cases dating back to July 2011. Otherwise, social workers are on target with or exceeding state requirements, she said.

But even the counties that weren't audited or that did complete child death reviews failed to put their own recommendations for policy change into action, according to Perea, who last week introduced the Safe Homes for Foster Children Act, which would require counties to complete a death review for every child who dies from abuse.

The audit also found registered sex offenders living or working in child care facilities and foster homes. One was in Richmond, although the sex offender appeared only to be associated with the owner. Officials shut down two foster homes and a family day-care home in Fresno and Visalia as a result of the audit's findings regarding sex offenders.

By Angela Woodall
Oakland Tribune