A National Alert Of Inhumane "Cruelty"

A life threatening situation on a (Day to Day) Bases

For all the young lives destroyed by DCFS/DHS

This agency has had more deaths of young souls when the courts granted them custody then parents Nation wide and the legal system has done nothing because it too profits from their pain and death as the United States Government.  We need to buy and send banners to every state a long with cards being mailed to residents nation-wide to educate parents with truth and facts. Please, order a shirt or a hat from the (cafepress shop) and share the awarness in this country.  Change becomes a movement with awareness and words of knowledge. 

 We are now having speaking engagements with parents and offering a well put together campaign-brief distributing well documented facts with substantiated evidence to present on a personal level, (meaning) one on one basis with parents to show the evidence of harm brought to these babies for the sake of profit!

 The ad's to promote these speaking engagements and the cost of banners and cards and other expense is what we need help with in this campaign to fight the illegal actions for profit of DCFS.

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To set Schelling of speaking engagements with news-ad's and the briefs that are constructed for viewing of evidence of the crimes and the constitutional laws and rights violated and laws broken all for the sake of medicaid fraud for profit. and the expense of banners, cards and rallies to educate the parents of this nation has a great deal of expense that we need help with, Please help save a child's life!

Since 2002 in the custody of DCFS, 30,000 children have died or been murdered and have committed suicide.

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